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Following are a list of links to other singing websites that may assist you in your search for finding free online singing, voice training and music information both on the web and in Orlando, Florida.

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    1. General Singing Websites and Links
    2. General Singing Techniques
    3. Singers Physical Health
    4. Practice Tapes, CD's and MIDI's
    5. Ear Training
    6. Sheet Music
    7. Repertoire Suggestions
    8. Orlando Music Stores
    9. Other Orlando Singing Teachers
    10. Orlando Academics: Singing Schools and Programs

General Singing Websites and Links - This large, lighthearted, yet informative UK singing website tries to think of everything and then gives a link to it. - Nancy Schild offers a breadth of useful links in her singing webliography. The list is old in Internet terms (November of 2000) but then so is singing.

General Singing Technique, FAQ's and tips

Cindy Sadler, mezzosprano, offers a the most comprehensive internet listing so far of 7-8 pages of resources for singers. - Brian Gilbertson, an Australian singing teacher, offers a new one of his own brand of singing tips each week. - Anthony Winter, another Australian singing teacher, has tips and though it isn't listed as one, it's the closest thing to a singing students FAQ. Other places to look for FAQ's include NATS-online which include part of Cindy Sadlers' strategy/business oriented FAQ or a definition based French vocalist FAQ at L'Atelier du Chanteur. - Post a question to Mary Bella, Canadian soprano, and she will answer with her opinion and offer advice in her "Ask Mary" section. (Nice website too.)

Singers Physical Health - Gives summary of the differing philosopies of posture from the methodologies of Alexander Technique, Yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkras, etc.. - The American Society of Alexander technique offer a site that offers a teacher lookup and listing of ongoing workshops. - The Alexander Technique Center of Washington DC offers an article by Ron Murdock on Alexander Technique and the voice. - Robert and Anne Rickover offer a jumpsite by which you can find out more about the Alexander Technique.

Practice Tapes, CD's and MIDI's

Having a private accompanist can be an expensive proposition, especially when just learning a song, and singing along to a recording of an artist singing your part constrains your interpretation. To help out with this there are practice tapes and computer accompaniment that you can turn to.

CD's and tapes - Practice Perfect offers piano accompaniment on CD for many Operas and arias. - Music minus one is the other big one of the CD accompaniment recordings. offers mpeg piano accompaniment of Schirmer's classic staple "Twenty-Four (24) Italian Songs and Arias" for high and low voice.

MIDI's - The Aria Database provides brief info, translations and a large selection of MIDI's of famous operas. It's an ugly looking website that only opera lovers can love. You can even search through arias by fach. - The Classical Music Archives has the largest collection of classical MIDI files on the Internet. Over 20,000 files! - has over 4000 MIDI files of Musical Theater and Broadway shows- all licensed from ASCAP and BMI. - Classical Midi with Words offers a collection of art songs you can use as your own digital karaoke.

Silvis Woodshed - G Silvis offers choral MIDI files consisting only of melody with no accompaniment.

Translations the Lied and Songs Text Page offers text translations of art songs and other classical vocal pieces.

babelfish.altavista "Babel Fish Translation: song translations are often grammaticale and semantically complete with humor."

Ear Training

The following sites focus on interactive drills and exercises to improve ear training and music ability.

"Music Notes" a trio of Lakeland (NY) high school seniors put together this website for a Thinkquest '98 competition. Includes info on music theory, history, games and a glossary.

Music Theory

"Practical Music Theory" Extensive online reference from basic to intermediate.

"Resources for Music Theory Instruction" Dr. Murrow has compiled a large list of music theory links on his webliography.

Aural recognition: Intervals, Scales and Chords

"Musical Intervals Tutor" - try some interval training.

"Big Ears" - drill at intervals recognition with a range up to an octave plus a fifth.

"Good Ear" - test your recognition of interval, scale and perfect pitch here. - learn various pieces of music theory and download a standalone version of the lessons.

"Etude for the Scale of all Majors" - sing or hum along to major scales.

Sight singing development

"Techniques for Learning and Practicing Sight Singing Skills" there is a lot of dense info here related to the formal teaching of sight singing.

Sheet Music - Sheet Music Plus carries the Schirmer editions and have over a quarter of a million other vocal and instrumental titles to chose from. - Classical Vocal Repertoire specializes in out-of-print and hard to find sheet music. Also offers used music but that part was broken last time I visited them. - Hal Leonard's purports to be the largest print publisher of sheet music in the world. If you own an Anthology book it was probably published by Hal Leonard. Joan Boytim publishes monthly articles here which center around repertoire selection.

Indiana University Library offers an online Opera Score prototype. - When I lived in San Francisco I loved to browse the scores at Byron Hoyt's warehouse-like store. Their website looks a lot cleaner than their old store looked. This shopper bot scans 12 online stores, including Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble, for the best prices on books. They also list the latest coupons codes. Other shopper sites include and and

Repertoire Suggestions

Karen Mercedes-Contralto suggests lists of repertoire for classical and legit singers. The OperaGlass site has gathered a list of operas which require six or fewer characters.

Both Joan Boytim and, mentioned above, have archives of articles relating to repertoire selection by age, voice type and the singers level of difficulty.

Orlando Music Stores
Here are some music stores in the Orlando area that also have websites : (sometimes the [map it!] links don't work depending upon what Mapquest is doing with their servers.)
Other Local Orlando Singing Teachers

For students in Orlando the following is a list of other local providers of music education. Other than me that is! It doesn't hurt to shop around to find the best fit. Other places to look for an instructor are local colleges (adjunct professors are most able to take on non-matriculated students) and even the bulletin board at your local music store. It's the responsibility of you, the student, to confirm if a teacher fits your needs at whatever stage you are at now. - Victoria Schultz specializes in teaching and performing on the piano and Harp. She also teaches voice privately and at as an adjunct at Valencia college. We have done some concerts together so I can personally recommend her talent on the piano as well as her accompaniment skill. - The Master Class Academy is Winter Parks only full-service performing arts academy for acting, dance, voice and piano that's under one roof. They offer small semester-based group classes as well as private instruction for all students age 3 and up.

Orlando Academics: Singing Schools and Programs

Undergraduate: BA, BM, BME

University of Central Florida offers a BA in Music, Music Education and Music Performance, a minor in Jazz Studies and an undergraduate certificate in Music Technology. They have the largest selection of voice and music courses in Central Florida and their faculty is learned and strongly involved with Opera. When you walk through the voice department at Colbourn Hall you can't swing a baton without hitting somebody with a doctorate. See their current catalog for information on their degrees.

Rollins College offers a BA in Music through their evening extension program at Hamilton Holt as well as through the Main Campus. This year Edmund Leroy, the Professor of Voice, is joined by a visiting soprano.

Stetson University's School of Music in DeLand offers both the BM and a BME in Voice. They also offer a minor in Church Music.

Community College: AA, AS

Seminole Community College in Sanford offers an AA of music in six tracks: Vocal Performance, Choral Music, Instrumental Performance, Instrumental Music Education, Vocal Jazz Studies and Instrumental Jazz Studies. Alan Gerber, fellow voice teacher, is an adjunct here and at Valencia Community College.

Valencia Community College offers an AS in Music Production Technology in either a performance or technology specialization out of their east campus. They also offer a technical certificate in Musical Production.

High School

Dr. Phillips High School sits across from Universal Studios Florida and has a magnet program for Visual and Performing Arts.


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