Studio Policy

Class Scheduling

Lessons are available Monday - Friday at established times during the day. Evening and weekend lessons may also be scheduled in accordance with my wait list availability, performance and travel schedules.

Studio performances, classes and other group events are scheduled by mutual convenience. These events could incur additional charges for hiring musicians or halls.

Private Instruction Rates

The hourly lesson rate is $165.

Payment for each lesson is due at the time of the lesson. I accept checks, cash, and credit card payments using PayPal.


You must notify me of cancellations at least TWO DAYS IN ADVANCE.

If a lesson must be missed and you have given the required notice, we can reschedule.

Missed Lessons

Payment is due for missed lessons that have not been previously canceled. If a payment is not made for the missed lesson additional lessons will not be scheduled until payment is received. In addition you could lose the scheduled time slot.

All missed lessons are charged at the full lesson rate.

Personal and family emergencies, illness, local and national emergencies, extraordinary acts of nature, and other immediately related unforeseen and unpredictable events are the exceptions.


I have a moderate selection of music from contemporary popular work, musical theatre, art song, and opera that you can choose from. Sheet music is always great to bring but don't feel that you should limit yourself initially to only reading music. Bring in your original compositions or any recordings on tapes, CD's, MP3's or midi files that you love and want to sing. If you sing while playing a guitar, bring your guitar with you to your lesson. The best choices of music to bring are the ones that you enjoy and warm your soul. Try to find music which is challenging and covers a wide range of performing styles as well as techniques. If you want to sing a specific song and want to be able to deliver it well, bring that in and we could work on that too.

It may help to bring an audio tape to some of your lessons - though your objective should be to develop your own inner awareness it can be reinforcing feedback to hear your progression from time to time. Recording the music so you have an accompaniment to practice to can be a valuable tool as well. Bring a pad of paper to take notes. Notes will help you remember the work you've done in the lesson and let you be more prepared for your practicing and next lessons.

For the best progress, and fastest results, you should practice everyday. The voice is an instrument that can be improved through constant application and awareness. Serious students and performers are constantly challenged with the work required to improve and maintain their voice but the end result is singing that is free, enjoyable and totally unique.

Dress comfortably in clothes that you can easily breathe and move in- dress as if you were going to an exercise class because that is what you're doing.

For celebrity and other clients anonymity is assured as I do not release students names for publicly or promotional purposes.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your own special voice.

-Elizabeth Harmetz